General Conditions
Article 1
In these Conditions the following definitions are used.
  • the website.
  • Users: everyone, the natural or legal person who uses the services
  • Service: including the placement of advertisements relating to housing and gain access to obtain access to the database by including these ads.
  • Advertisement: placed on the website which offers accommodation, with or without photos, for rental purposes.
  • Reaction Balance: The fee paid by the user, and the right to respond to the housing supply.
  • Password: a code assigned to the user, which in combination with the email address, can be used to gain access to the service.
  • Landlord / supplier: the (legal) person who places ads on the site, with the aim to find a tenant.
  • Property searcher: This is the person in a room / living room looking through the site.
  • Personal data: The data provided by the user to his or her identifiable information such as name, IP address, e-mail address and account number.
  • Agreement: Agreement between user and on which makes its services available to the user.

Article 2
These General Conditions apply to the relationship between the user and For these General Conditions the Dutch law is applicable.
Article 3 acts as intermediary between tenants and landlords and is therefore a facilitator. is a meeting point of information and therefore not party to the agreement between seeker and provider of a room. is in no way responsible for the security, price, legality and competence of the tenders and accuracy of the data.
Article 4 can not absolutely and in no way guarantee error free and uninterrupted functioning of its websites. is excluded of any further liability for consequential damage. Under consequential damages in any case: a) lost profits, lost savings. B) costs incurred in preventing or fixing damages caused, and c) loss, or damage to electronic data exchange and / or damages caused by delay in the transport of data traffic. d) losses.
Article 5 is not obliged to fulfil any obligation if prevented from doing so or due to force majeure. Force majeure includes any non-attributable shortcoming of suppliers and / or other third parties, which use
Article 6
It is for tenants nor landlords allowed to add e-mail addresses of members responding to the mailing lists to add and / or in any way commercially exploit. Furthermore, the e-mail addresses of members can only be used by the participants for correspondence about housing on or through our website search / offer.
Article 7 is not responsible for of the personal information of its registered users being up to date. Here users are responsible therefore.
Article 8
The intellectual property rights to all images, text and software from the website, belong to Nothing may be copied without prior permission, reproduced or multiplied. Prior consent is required. can not be held liable for any infringement of copyright of material placed in the ad.
Article 9
By completing the registration on the website you agree to the conditions imposed by us and give us the explicit permission for the use of the data submitted to necessary for the functioning of
Article 10
Payment of response assets must be made in advance, unless otherwise agreed. The response credit is valid for 2 months and is then deleted.
Article 11
These General Conditions are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes will be submitted to the competent court district in Breda.