What is stated in the lease?
The lease states the rights and obligations of the tenant and landlord, including use of internet, telephone and other agreements on the total rent (basic rent and fees). There are several leases. As a tenant you are entitled to legal protection. That means you are never just put on the street by the landlord.
Found housing?
You can within the first six months after the date of the initial lease let the rent be examined by the renting commission. The Rent shall take into account the presence of defects. For complaints about maintenance or repairs to the house, then ask the landlord written notice of its obligations to the house provide good maintenance and repair. You are solely responsible for the persons that visit you. If you let someone in the room you live for a longer time, do so only after mutual agreement with the landlord. If you look at service list, check for duplicate items and compare it with the lease. You have a possible increase in the deposit amount only to pay annual fees when you list and have been giving rise to increase.
Rental prices.
The price of a house / room usually consists of two parts: the basic rent and service charges. The basic rent is the money you pay to use the amount of space you rent and the amenities in the room / living room and other facilities in the living / room that you use. For this calculation is a points system devised (in The Netherlands). The more points the room gets, the higher the rent of the house is. Using a form you can calculate how many points you own room / living worth. The more points you can assign to the living, the higher the rent may be.
Rights and obligations.
You have rights as a tenant, but also obligations. So you are obliged to pay your rent on time and to actually rented accommodation for dwelling use (and therefore not such as premises). Furthermore, you are not disturbing to others. Minor repairs are charged to the tenant. The exact duties of the tenant arrangements are specified in the lease. Not at the expense of the tenant depart from the established rules. Besides, there is often an agreed obligations of the tenant issues. As landlord you are obliged to the accommodation in good repair to the tenant to provide and perform the necessary repairs. You also need to respect the privacy of the tenant (the landlord may not itself enter the rented accommodation or without the consent of the tenant, of course). Tenant may close the rented accommodation. If your landlord must by default, if the tenant fails to fulfill its obligations, the courts seek to terminate the lease. This happens when a tenant if you have arrears, nuisance or otherwise fail to meet your obligations. Before the court can dissolve the agreement if he finds it reasonable, the tenant up to one months time to his obligations.
Where can you both, as landlord and tenant, go to in case of disputes?
In case of disagreement between tenant and landlord about the rental, service, maintenance serious complaints, breach of contract by one of the parties or other things one can turn to for the Rent and pronunciation. For almost all procedures with the renting commission to both tenant and landlord of an advance fee of EUR 11, - pay.
Have room in your house?
Hospita Rooms are rooms in a house being rented by someone in the same dwelling. This allows the owner / occupier or the tenant. If the tenant then the landlady lodger subtenant. Rooms are special rules for hospitalizations. The first nine months of the lease are as probation and within that time, the landlord without any reasons to terminate the lease 3 months notice. If you are resident and tenant of a house and you're considering renting a room to go after first or your lease is included. If you're not allowed to sublet rooms than can the homeowner for an exemption from this provision. If you rent a room in the house and you get housing benefit for that property than the rent subsidy and reduced the percentage of that reduction depends on the part of the house you sublets.
Leases and other legal matters.
If you have legal questions about the rent law and / or contracts or mail your questions and contact information to and we give you a response back.